How to Shop Safely During Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Shopping online is always a bit of a gamble since you have to pay with your credit card and sometimes information gets stolen. This is why one has to be very careful about where they shop online. Seeing a website offer great cyber Monday deals does not mean you can blindly trust the website. There are certain things you should be wary of.

So here are a few tips that will help you in cyber Monday shopping safely without putting yourself and your identity at risk.

  1. Secure Webpage

The first thing you need to ensure is that the website you are shopping on has a secure webpage. It does not matter if the website is offering the best cyber Monday deals you have ever seen; if the website is not secure, you should not be shopping on it. The easiest way to know if a webpage is secure is the look at the website address if the website starts with https:// it is secure. You need to ensure there is a ‘s’ after http.

  1. Trusted Website

You can google the website to find out the ranking they have. If the website is a scam or unsafe, there is bound to be some information about it on google or a helpful review you might find on another website. Do not blindly look for the best cyber Monday sales at the risk of putting your personal information at stake.

  1. Payment information

A lot of websites these days accept PayPal a payment solution that is linked with your email address. If you use your credit cards, those are linked closely to your personal information and if someone gets a hold of that, you will have a big problem. While with PayPal, it is easier since you deposit money in your account and hence you can decide exactly how much you need in it. While a bank account has most of your savings and hence it is risky to use it.

  1. Return Policy

It is incredibly tempting to purchase everything you like during cyber Monday sales, thus make sure you shop from a website which has a flexible return policy.  Sometimes the product your ordered because of the incredible sale is unneeded or not what you expected since you did not read the description carefully. If the website has the top cyber Monday deals but a no returns policy, you should search for another website.

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